Pro Prep Academics focuses on developing, responsible, focused hard working student-athletes that take their success off the field as seriously as on it. We provide a variety of academic support options, depending on the individual needs of our student-athletes
Academic support and Growth – Grades 7-12

Led by Academic Director Eric Vincent, the Student Fundamentals branch of Pro Prep Academics focuses on developing responsible, independant, hard-working students who are ready to excel academically after high-school graduation. Services include:

  • Content-specific tutoring
  • Online Study Hall
  • Exam Preparation
  • General Academic Development (skills and attitudes)

Transitional Support and Recruiting Services

Led by Bison Football alumnus Mitch Harisson, the Transitional Support Program  provides support, information and accurate guidance for student- athletes in their transition period from High School to post-secondary education programs. 

Services include:

  • University/College applications
  • High School elective choices
  • Scholarship and Bursary assistance
  • Informed Decision Making Process 
  • Work / Volunteering options

Academic support and Growth – Post-Secondary Led by Bison Football alumnus Jayden McKoy, the Post-Secondary Support and Growth Program  provides ongoing support, guidance and mentorship for post-secondary student- athletes. 
Services include:

  • Content-specific Tutoring
  • Academic Resource Utilization
  • Academic Growth plans
  • Faculty Applications
  • Work / Volunteering options

The goal of Pro Prep Academics is to help create well-balanced student-athletes that are actively engaged in their community, while remaining dedicated to their studies and their sport. 

Academic Team

Eric Vincent

Mitch Harrison

Jayden Mkoy