It’s about how you feel! It’s about how you function!

When training to be your best-self, life happens. Injuries are just part of the game. Getting out of pain fast, is half of what we do.

Once you’re out of pain, let’s get you performing at your BEST! Your brain controls ever action, reaction and function of your body. Let’s make sure everything is communicating at 100%.

Pro Prep Chiropractic Care provides individualized rehab and correction for spinal and extremity issues. We understand that it’s lifestyle integration. Your goals, your problems (pain) and lack of function are where we start. We want to know how they are preventing you from achieving what you want to achieve. We will develop a strategic plan based on your goals and objective findings (x-rays, exam, nerve scan) to prescribe the best course of care. 

Focus Chiropractic has always operated on the FIVE proactive pillars of heath:

1. Mindset

2. Nervous System

3. Nutrition

4. Exercise

5. Detoxification

Utilizing these core components, your body WILL perform at its highest self! Pro Prep is designed to integrate Chiropractic Care with Performance Training, Speed Training, Nutritional Coaching, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Sport Psychology and Joga Coaching! This is done through total communication with all coaches with access to your Chiropractor 24/7.

Dr. Zsolt will use various methods of Chiropractic (and spinal rehab) to get you the results and performance you DESERVE!

Here at Pro Prep YOU are the FOCUS. 


Dr. Zsolt Egey-Samu