Telling an athlete to go do yoga is like telling someone to go buy yogurt…

With so many types of yoga practice and so many different types of instructor training, it’s hard to tell the difference in programming and how to choose one instructor over another. 

Stretching and flexibility work without stability can be a disaster in the making, so athletes need to be aware of what type of programming they are signing up for. Often when an athlete talks about being ‘tight’, it can be a result of compensatory movements or dysfunctional movement patterns. Athletes need to create a certain amount of stability in their joints, so deep static stretches may overstretch and damage the very ligaments and structures they need for their particular sport. In JOGA we are coaching the athlete to recognize in their own body where they hold tension and tightness. From there we work within their own ranges to create stable functional ranges of movement.

Your Pro Prep Academy Joga Coach, Jodian Self, is the only Pro Certified Joga Coach in all of Canada. She holds a B.P.E. and B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba. Jodian’s focus is on performance and recovery and has certifications in breathwork, functional movement and more. She is a life long athlete and has worked with players at all levels including amateur, collegiate and professional athletes including teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, the Houston Rockets, as well as the New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Timberwolves.

The JOGA program

JOGA is a three dimensional movement system that bridges the gap between the science of yoga breathing/relaxation/mobility and the biomechanics of sport.

The program was designed for the body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete and the industry of sport. 

The core philosophy of the program is to create a SOUND STRUCTURAL FOUNDATION with a system and series of physical and mental techniques. We speak the language of sport using bone and muscle cueing.

All JOGA programming focuses on positions, breathing and relaxation.

The positions in JOGA involve a combination of dynamic and static stretching as opposed to traditional long holds. The movements within the positions are designed to improve athletic ability as well as coordination and breath pattern. The movements are intended to build muscle memory and balance joint stability/mobility with an increased range of motion, which are indispensable to injury prevention. The breathing techniques are used to coordinate breath with movement, to increase range of motion and improve recovery.

The program has assessment tools built into the system that enable the practitioner to measure their success along the way whether the programming has been designed for off season work or active recovery. 

We want athletes to feel and understand their own biomechanics so the cueing is designed for athletes to continually be self monitoring through the whole program.

Pro Prep Academy Joga Coaching can be delivered with a one to one private model, semi private or group trainings. Our Pro Prep Coach can travel to your location or use a virtual live coached platform.

The Joga programming has varying levels built into programming to fit the needs of beginner athletes all the way to the Professional athlete. As a Pro Certified Coach, Jodian is able to custom design for your particular sport. 

We have hacked traditional yoga and created a system that thrives on efficiency, results and optimal human performance. JOGA is the system that truly benefits an athlete in preparation and recovery for their sport.

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