90% of sport performance in mental!

Mental performance is an under appreciated tool when it comes to maximizing both an athlete’s training and competitive potential. Currently, athletes spend far too much time working on the physical and fundamental aspects of related to their sport.

​Sport Psychologist, Dr. Adrienne Toogood and her team of Mental Performance Coaches help athletes find the motivation to push themselves to not only train harder, but smarter as well. The athlete will be guided in the process of training to compete, and then competing to WIN! The mental side of the game is truly what separates the good athletes from the GREAT ones!

Each athlete has a unique method of learning, motivating and understanding both themselves and their environments. This is why Pro Prep caters to the athletes individual needs to ensure strengths and weaknesses are addressed when planning for SUCCESS! 

At Pro Prep we focus on creating not only a positive mind-set but a focused one as well; through tools such as self-talk, imagery, reflection, and foreshadowing the athlete is taught to stay in CONTROL! 

To dream big, there needs to be a plan consisting of SMART goals that the athlete finds attainable, so the athlete can learn to LOVE the process of turning their dreams into reality! 

Dr.  Toogood’s mantra is

“Embrace your Humanity.  Elevate your Performance”. 

Her Mental Performance Team will help you be the best version of yourself by creating a brave space for you to explore your human potential in sport and life.  They will help you develop habits that will enable you to have the courage to lean in and own moments when it matters most.  They are passionate about helping you love all parts of your sport and life journey and will work hard to keep you mentally well every step of the way.  They are grounded in the science behind how humans work and believe in establishing habits and best practices to make you YOUR best.  They know there is a human behind every great performance, and they start there.  Mental skills training will give you the edge that you need to live your brand, be your own best coach, and adopt a video game mindset so that you can be a hero in your own story.


Become a hero in your own story by being mentally tough.

H – Harness your why

E – Emotional literacy and agility

R – Resilient Mindset

O – Opportunities for Growth are Found

E – Embrace your Humanity

S – Self-aware and Self-Compassionate

Individual, group and team sessions available.


Initial Consult with Sport Psychologist (30 minutes)


    Initial Consult with Sport Psychologist (60 minutes)


      Follow up with Sport Psychologist (60 minutes)


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