Pro Prep Academy is pleased to announce a new partnership with Matrix Massage.

Matrix is a brand new clinic located on Grant Avenue, with five Registered Massage Therapists who have been practicing for a combined 25 years. The goal at Matrix is to help individuals reach and maintain their full physical potential. Whether your goal is to increase range of motion, improve mobility, accelerate your recovery time or simply relax and maintain, they have you covered.

“I think for me personally and our team, we’re all extremely passionate about massage therapy, in the same way that Pro Prep’s athletes are about their sport,” said Matrix co-owner Micaela Mayhew.

“We love helping clients, treating them on a regular basis and seeing the results. I think that sets us apart. We also love continuing our education. I’m taking two to three courses a year, just because I enjoy it.”

The team at Matrix understands the demands put on the body of an athlete. When an injury does happen, they’re able to help with proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment plans.

“Your ideal client is someone who’s going to come in consistently so you can get the results you want to get. For athletes, they’re always trying to improve their physical wellbeing for their sport,” noted Mayhew.

“If an athlete is a soccer player for example, and they’re right leg dominant, they’re going to have different things going on on their right side as opposed to the left side. We’ll do our assessment and see where the functional imbalances are, and do more specific work to lengthen the side that’s overly tight to correct those imbalances. Then there’s also massage in general for increased circulation and to help with recovery time.”

Based on performance goals and personal needs, Matrix’s team incorporates a variety of techniques that their therapists are certified in. These include myofascial cupping, which increases blood flow and circulation while helping immune function, assisted stretching, lymphatic drainage, which helps minimize swelling, kinesiology taping, which eases tension on a tight muscle and supports an injured area, and much more.

“If there’s an adhesion or something like that, cupping just adds that little bit of extra pull from a different angle, which helps break things down more efficiently. You’re also increasing blood flow, because the circulation is coming to that area. That’s where you get the cupping marks from,” noted Mayhew, whose certifications include myofascial cupping, passive stretch therapy and manual lymphatic drainage.

“The lymph system sits right underneath the skin, so your goal is to not push past that and you follow the lymphatic system,” she added on lymph drainage.

“Basically, you’re manually pushing the lymph through to help drain it. With injury specific, within the first 72 hours is when you’re going to get the most swelling, so coming in to get that done right away, it’s not invasive at all and it’s very light.”

Matrix looks forward to working with Pro Prep and its members, helping each student-athlete reach their goals and feel their best.

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