Key accomplishments/background: 

I am a graduate of the Broadcast Media Program at the Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre. In that program my love for sports videography and sports broadcasting really flourished and I had a fantastic time learning and growing in the year I was there!

Quote as to why the staff member got involved with Pro Prep:

Staff writer Mike Still contacted me about the opportunity to film games for Pro Prep Academy’s inaugural flag football league and I absolutely jumped on that. I love being around not only just football but sports in general and being able to film sports for the first time in a long time was so attractive to me! 

Quote as to what excited the staff member about working with Pro Prep:

Working with Pro Prep excites me because it is exactly the kind of opportunity I am looking for, to be able to work in sports media and help promote the careers of young athletes is an extremely exciting proposition for me!