Key accomplishments/background: 

I have had the pleasure to be apart of the Team Canada football program for two years, I had received the MVP award for when I was with team Canada.  I now play for the university of Manitoba Bisons and am in my 4th year with the team along with getting my degree in Criminology.  I had previously attended St. Paul’s high school and have been mentoring in strength and conditioning programs for the past 3 years.  

Quote as to why the staff member got involved with Pro Prep:

“I have always prided myself on giving back to my community and helping others so when pro prep had reached out to me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn under more experienced staff and in turn be able to give back to my community along with teaching younger athletes the importance of strength and conditioning and the roll that it plays in competing at the next level.  I have also always found it important that athletes should always follow their dreams and with pro prep it seems that this is the best way that I can help young student athletes chase after those dreams and accomplish their goals.” 

Quote as to what excited the staff member about working with Pro Prep:

“I look forward to working alongside the professional athletes that had created pro prep as well as I am excited to be learning more about the strength and conditioning aspect that plays the roll in sport.  The staff is composed of many great people that all specialize in their own unique fields and when combined create the perfect platform for the next generation of student athletes to learn, grow and prosper in their sport.”