Key accomplishments/background: 

Dr. Lindsay Arnal Wishnowski is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Association of Manitoba and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) who obtained her Ph.D.  from the University of Manitoba where she currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology. She has taught young athletes in a variety of sports to utilize behavioural strategies to target performance enhancement and management. In addition to supporting Pro Prep, Lindsay works in private practice as an associate with Dr. Valdine Scott and Associates.


Quote as to why the staff member got involved with Pro Prep:

“I have always had a passion for supporting the mental prep side of sport. Growing up, I was keenly interested in how my dad, a former goaltender, taught my older brother the importance of mentally preparing for competition as a goalie. As a competitive athlete myself, I valued the importance of developing skills to achieve mental toughness and resilience from an early age which fueled my desire to pursue sport psychology. Working with young athletes to teach the importance of investing in your mental prep the same way you invest in your technical skills is an area that has become increasingly more integrated into the game as a necessarycomponent. What Pro Prep Academy is doing right now within the community is amazing and I am proud to align myself with their mission.”

Quote as to what excited the staff member about working with Pro Prep:

“I am so excited to work with the Pro Prep team to provide young athletes with a tool set of skills that will aid them from competition prep to everyday self-management.Pro Prep is bringing opportunities to athletes to develop themselves in a comprehensive way that builds skills for sport and for life”.