Key accomplishments/background: 

Lindsay is certified as a Sport Performance Consultant through the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and Mental Health Network, and works under the supervision of Dr. Adrienne Toogood as part of Pro Prep’s Mental Performance Team. She has worked with athletes across the developmental spectrum, from young athletes to collegiate and professional athletes. Recent highlights include developing/delivering mental skill programming for various high-performance athletes and teams throughout the province, including the Winnipeg Ice, and the Scotiabank Girls HockeyFest. During individual sessions and team workshops, Lindsay incorporates techniques to help athletes identify and amplify their strengths and build in the areas they struggle with. With feedback and support, athletes have the opportunity to apply and practice skills to develop into the individual they want to be. While sessions are designed to support and maximize training and competition experiences, Lindsay provides her athletes with the tools needed to encourage a strong performance in all aspects of life. She is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology, where she has been recognized with awards related to research, community service, and clinical work, while treating clients in hospital, community and private practice settings.

Quote as to why the staff member got involved with Pro Prep:

As an athlete, I spent a lot of time injured. When I wasn’t injured, I was worried about getting injured, feeling frustrated about relaying messages between service providers and trying to advocate for the care that would allow me to keep playing. Looking back, I recognize just how meaningful having the right mental skills would have been during that journey, and how an organization like Pro Prep would have completely changed my trajectory. I decided to become a sport psychologist to provide athletes with the tools to be and play their best, and to ensure all athletes I work with have the opportunities to train, compete, and recover well. 

Quote as to what excited the staff member about working with Pro Prep:

I have always loved working in a team, especially one that pulls together and creates opportunities for others to be their best. That’s what’s really at the heart of what DJ, Andrew, and the rest of the Pro Prep Team is doing- supporting every individual who comes into contact with the organization. The services are here, the team is full of top-notch professionals who are focused on building and collaborating. Honestly, it almost feels like a challenge of what’s next- how can we do better? How else can we help? We’re all here to support each athlete in being their best. I don’t know how you wouldn’t get excited to be an athlete or provider with an opportunity like that.