Key accomplishments/background:

  • Works with Minnesota Vikings for clinical externship.
  • Board-certified chiropractor 2000–2021
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Winnipeg Executives Association.
  • Member of Ultimate Achievers Club.
  • Head of Canadian ChiroMatchmakers/Ideal Team clinic placement.

Why I got involved with pro prep:

I have always had a passion for working with the mindset of athletes. The best in health, business and athleticism all share unique and transferable traits. Seeing through the ark of an athlete’s career go from aspiring athlete, to professional, to life after the sport, is our vision. The satisfaction of having people play at their best as well as exiting on top and having a full life afterwards is one of the greatest satisfactions we receive, as care providers. The community involvement is also inspiring, as well pro prep as being some of the biggest hearts and collaborative minds in this province. Plus, have you met this team, hard to say no. They are all A players!

Why I’m excited to be working with pro prep:

I’m excited to be involved with DJ and Andrew to change the collaborative efforts among care providers in the city. Coming together we can offer the highest level of multiple disciplines. The exposure is great, and making the availability there for athletes is powerful. As a parent of two athletes it also makes life a lot easier when you have it all under one roof and à la carte. leading, mentoring and guiding  these athletes, as well as working with these incredible professionals is incredibly rewarding. It’s an ecosystem merge that sport in this province will benefit from immensely.