Do you need speed?

Look no further, because Pro Prep Academy has all the speed you need! At Pro Prep Academy we specialize in speed. With our experienced coaching staff we will make you faster. 

Speed is a skill. You will learn how to unleash your inner speed from our expert coaching staff. The Pro Prep Academy Speed Program will address all your speed needs. We will teach you the basics and you will advance from one level to the next of speed development. If you are in the need for High Performance speed we have that too. 

Pro Prep Academy offers a unique team speed service. We will come out to your team’s training site and teach them the Pro Prep way of speed development. If you are training on your own, we can offer you our personal speed training services. 

The Pro Prep Academy Speed Program consists of consulting with all athletes and coaches so that we address all our clients wants and needs. You will receive a scientifically designed program that will be specific to your sport. Pro Prep Academy will then come out to your team and you will learn the Pro Prep way.

At Pro Prep Academy we have Coaches who are considered to be the  top speed coaches in Canada. Their attention to detail from teaching in the warm up to the drills and the application to your sport is top notch. 

Speed Definition:

Speed can be considered to be the measuring rate of an object of distance over time. 

In sport, speed is measured by the amount of meters, yards, or even inches travelled over time.  If you need to out-run your opponent you need speed. If you want to catch your opponent you need speed. If you need to get to the ball or puck as fast as possible, you need speed. Speed is the most sought after commodity in sport. You cannot afford to not have it!  

The Pro Prep Speed Program:

At Pro Prep we value speed development and how it applies to your specific skill set in your game. 

The Pro Prep Speed Program consists of:

  • Activation exercises 
  • Pre-warm up speed routines 
  • Speed skill development and cues in your warm up 
  • Speed drills 
  • Plyometric 
  • Speed weight programs,  
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Reactionary speed  
  • Acceleration mechanics 
  • De-acceleration technique
  • Change of direction
  • Speed play
  • Speed endurance
  • Maximum velocity development  

Our Pro Prep Speed Staff will teach you how to apply your speed in sports like, soccer, hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, track and field, ultimate, tennis, rugby, and basketball. Our Professionals at Pro Prep have experience in all sports and know how to break down your game to make you a better athlete. 

At Pro Prep we are here to make you get faster. Do not hesitate. Contact us now. Feed your need for speed!

Pro Prep Summer Speed Program Progressions

Session 1 Speed Introduction/ Skill Acquisition

Session 2 Speed Introduction/ Skill Acquisition

Session 3 Acceleration Mechanics

Session 4 Acceleration Mechanics

Session 5 De-acceleration Mechanics

Session 6 De-acceleration Mechanics

Session 7 Short Speed and Plyometrics

Session 8 Short Speed and Plyometrics

Session 9 Speed Play and Change of Direction

Session 10 Speed Play and Change of Direction

Session 11 Reactionary Speed

Session 12 Reactionary Speed

Session 13 Maximum Velocity

Session 14 Maximum Velocity

Session 15 Speed Endurance

Session 16 Speed Endurance

Session 17 Contrast Training

Session 18 Contrast Training

Session 19 CNS Activation/ Mobility

Session 20 Unload/ CNS Activation/ Flexibility



    15-Pack (Flag Football Participants Only)