Pro Prep Academics brings to you the Pro Prep Study Hall! Available digitally for any student from grade seven all the way to university, it’s a custom-tailored academic growth program. The study hall is available on weeknights, but there are also weekend slots available. 

“This is for anyone who wants to get better. If you’ve got a 50 average and you want to get to a 70, we can help you,” said Director of Academics Eric Vincent. 

“If you’ve got an 85 already, but you want to get to 95 and maximize your scholarships, we can help you. Anyone who’s looking to apply the same passion for success that they have in their sport, and apply it to the world of academics, we’re here for you. We’re really customizing a study timetable and a study schedule that works with that student. Within that schedule that we can create, we can offer specific targeted help such as content area tutoring, test and exam prep or help with large assignments.”

The study hall sessions harness the intangibles that student-athletes generally have, such as great attendance, work ethic and punctionality, and apply those to the classroom. You would never skip practice, so why would you skip class? The goal is to reinforce a lot of what’s already being done in the sports realm and teaching student athletes how they can apply their skill to the academic setting. 

Pro Prep’s academic tutors include former student-athletes such as Vincent, Mitchell Harrison (transitional support and recruiting services) and Jayden McKoy (university support), along with a variety of others ranging from high school teachers to high-achieving university students. 

“We’ve been student-athletes ourselves. Our approach is not just focused on you as a student. It’s how do we build that holistic, custom-tailored program that takes advantage of the unique traits and aptitude that you already have as an athlete. We can help you apply that to the classroom as well,” said Vincent. 

“As needed, we apply the appropriate content tutoring. Maybe there’s a math room where there’s four different age groups working on math, but because we have a quality math tutor there, that math tutor can work with all of them.”

If you’d like to get involved with Pro Prep Academics, or are looking for more info, please reach out via email to We’d love to have you be a part of the Pro Prep team!

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